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Grading during the time of harvesting, warehousing, and final packing

Produce brought in many markets often has variable characteristics and sometimes it may be delivered immature or contain shriveled, damaged and rotten materials. Delivering such produce generally results in lower prices. Thus, systematic grading is pre-requisite for efficient marketing of fruits and vegetables. The bruised, damaged and misshapen produce should be sorted out and healthy fruits or vegetables should be graded according to their size, weight, shape, colour, maturity etc. The fruits or vegetables can be graded in extra fancy, superior and standard grades or class I, II and III, respectively. Various advantages of grading are outlined below:

Benefits to the Clients

  • he graded produce fetch better price in the market.
  • Helps to develop greater confidence between buyers and growers.
  • Increase the marketing efficiency by facilitating buying and selling a produce without personal selection.
  • Grading avoids heavy marketing cost in packing and transportation.
  • Grading improves product uniformity within a particular grade and serves as the basis for price.