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Our Team

Our Biggest Asset

The team includes Finance, HR & Technology professionals and our fabulous founding partners. We connect people to facilitate collaboration, compliance, connect & continuous improvement. It enables administrative, commercial, technical, transaction support while leadership team ensures focus on the mission with flexibility in approach & care for all.


We are committed to bringing solutions and satisfaction to our partners through Delivering excellent quality & 100% traceable product.


We actually add value to our clients and suppliers through clear & transparent communication and a high level of flexibility.

Our Expertise

Our skills and capabilities ensure

  • Quality produce sourced from verified farms, stored and handled in safe, clean & right conditions.
  • Experienced in fresh produce ecosystem to solve problems & deliver superior value.
  • We deliver fresh produce in the shortest time from the harvest.
  • We do follow stringent Standard System Operating Procedure.
  • Temperature recorder loader during transportation of the goods. (We work at ±5% tolerance limit).
  • Live video along with the data logger while unloading goods at buyers` warehouse.