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How We Do

A) Grading during the time of harvesting, warehousing, and final packing.

Produce brought in many markets often has variable characteristics and sometimes it may be delivered immature or contain shrivelled, damaged and rotten materials. Delivering such produce generally results in lower prices. Thus, systematic grading is pre-requisite for efficient marketing of fruits and vegetables. The bruised, damaged and misshapen produce should be sorted out and healthy fruits or vegetables should be graded according to their size, weight, shape, colour, maturity etc. The fruits or vegetables can be graded in extra fancy, superior and standard grades or class I, II and III, respectively. Various advantages of grading are outlined below:


Benefits to the Clients


  • The graded produce fetch better price in the market.
  • Helps to develop greater confidence between buyers and growers.
  • Increase the marketing efficiency by facilitating buying and selling a produce without personal selection.
  • Grading avoids heavy marketing cost in packing and transportation.
  • Grading improves product uniformity within a particular grade and serves as the basis for price.

How We Do

B) Variety Identification

Knowing the variety of your fruit can give you information about how the fruit is best used, how long it can be stored, it`s resistance to disease outbreaks and even how long you can expect the tree to live. It can also give you a bit of history about your orchard and the area in which you live as many varieties have strong connections to the region in which they were raised.


It is no small task to attempt to identify a fruit variety as there are literally thousands of named varieties and many of the distinguishing characters can be obscure or variable. However there are experts in this field that will help you out and some great guides to help you identify them yourself.

How We Do

C) Supply Contracts

We facilitate the parties to formalize their business relationship by the way of supply contracts. The document contains obligations of buyer and seller along with the products` quality and grade specifications to be respected. This legal framework assists the parties to work for the mutually benefiting relationship. The long-term contracts were concluded on the basis of the supplied quality and the necessary quantity of goods.

How We Do

D) MEIS & TMA governments

We guide and assist our clients in availing key government benefits / incentive schemes like Merchandise Export India Scheme and Transport and Marketing Assistance. We further help our clients in dealing with the concerned agencies and required documentation.

How We Do

E) Documentations & Clearance through reputed CHA / C&F agents

We provide our expertise in all the export documents required for the shipping and logistics through our trusted clearing house agents and forwarders.

How We Do

F) Global Partnership

In a global strategic partnership, we pool our resources and skills to provide better products or services. We firmly believe that global partnerships will lead to synergy, and hence increased economic benefits.