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Garlic is known to have a number of beneficial effects for our health and taking this into consideration, Soar Impex produces the best quality organic Garlic at the best price. This high quality Garlic is grown organically and is processed under safe conditions, and is hygienically packed for consumption as well. Customers can avail fresh and raw garlic from them with a pungent and strong smell as well. You can either try our fresh individual units of Garlic or fresh peeled and cleaned garlic cloves at different weights. Their garlic is available in organic and conventional styles, in see through breathable packs that allows customers to see their products well. The best thing about garlic manufactured by Soar Impex is that they are smell really good and taste the best as well. You can book your order for Garlic and it would be shipped to you as soon as possible.

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Company Name : Soar Impex
CEO : Mr. Jadhav
Office : +91 777 405 7788
Mr. Jadhav : +91 84 22 999683
Mr. Kangane : +91 88 88 866155

G-145, Haware Fantasia Business park,
Sector 30 A, Near Vashi railway station,
Vashi Navi Mumbai - 400703, INDIA

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9.00 am to 5.00 pm

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